Dr. Fabio Neves graduated from Medical School in 1993, at Fluminense Federal University. Extremely attached to surgery, he has, sinceCirurgia Plastica Rio de Janeiro Consultorio (15) then, been seeking professional improvement in both technical and scientific contexts. He was a General Surgery resident for three years, at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a graduate student in Plastic Surgery, at Fluminense Clinic of Plastic Surgery. He became a Specialist in General Surgery at the Brazilian College of Surgeons and in Plastic Surgery at the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery).

He started as a surgery student, and then became a Master, and later a PhD in this field, getting both titles at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, his second home and one of the country’s most important universities

He had a rapid professional development at the Brazilian College of Surgeons, Brazil’s peak surgery body. He first became a Resident Member, then an Associate member and, at the age of 28, he had already become a full member, the College’s highest degree. After taking a practical test, he was qualified in Video-endoscopic Surgery at that same College. Then he was qualified in Oncology Surgery and in Trauma and Emergency Surgery. At the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, likewise, immediately after the end of his graduate he was approved by the test to obtain the title of Specialist. After the required minimum of three years working in the specialty he also obtained the highest level of the Company, the Effective (full) member. This title was o
tained after curriculum analysis and approval of his scientific work in their own series by an examining board composed of the most respected plastic surgeons in the country.

In 1995, he took an official exam sponsored by the Ministry of Health and was approved in first place. Since then, he works as a plastic surgeon at Ipanema’s Federal Hospital. He currently works as an instructor in plastic surgery at both the Ipanema’s Federal Hospital and at the Plastic Surgery Service Prof. Ronaldo Pontes in Niterói D’Or Hospital.

Along with his surgical practice, he worked as an intensivist for 12 years in the ICU of Samaritan Hospital, the most respected private hospital in Rio de Janeiro and one of the country’s best. During this long period, he could develop his expertise in postoperative care of very severe patients and/or of patients who have undergone the most different and complex surgeries.

His vast experience in surgery and postoperative care has been acquired after many years of dedication and studies. Having taking different courses in France, where he lived for 4 months, in the United States and in Brazil, Dr. Fabio made himself present in the medical community worldwide. Always concerned with keeping up-to-date and to contributing to the development of Plastic Surgery, he frequently attends both national and international courses as well as scientific meetings and conferences and has participated in several specialized medical publications.

Degrees and Affiliations

Effective Member of the Brazilian College of Surgeons

Effective Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery

Active Member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – ISAPS

Master Degree in Surgery from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Ph.D. in Surgery from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Post-graduate and specialist in General Surgery

Post-graduate and specialist in Plastic Surgery

Post-graduate degree in Health Administration / MBA from COPPEAD UFRJ



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