The body regions where accumulation of fat happens vary among men and women.  While in men fat is more concentrated in the trunk (breasts, abdomen and flanks), among women it happens in the hips and legs. It has a strong hereditary and hormonal character. The fat deposits metabolize slowly and are therefore difficult to disappear even after weight loss and regular physical activity. The surgical aspiration of these areas aims to correct these imperfections, called lipodystrophy (learn more). Body contouring means much more than just excess fat suction. We can also reshape the contour adding fat in the gluteal or depressed areas, when indicated, increasing its projection and shape. This procedure is known as liposculpture, a term, according to Dr. Fabio’s opinion, inadequate and with some commercial appeal, as well as the terms hydrolipo, light lipo and many others which are nothing but different names for the same procedure.

The fat is aspirated with very thin (3 to 4 mm) cannulas (tubes) inserted through small holes in the skin and connected to a vacuum system. The area to be aspirated is initially treated by saline solution infiltration containing drugs that reduce bleeding and facilitate the removal of fat. It is a procedure to be performed only in hospitals. Several regions of the body can be treated by this technique, such as: sub mental (chat), arms, breasts, back, sides (waist), abdomen, culottes, gluteus, thighs and legs.

Liposuction is not a weight loss surgery, and should never be viewed as such. It is prescribed for the treatment of localized fat, preferably in patients with stable weight, good nutrition habits and who practice regular physical activities. There is a safe limit of the volume to be removed, since it is inevitable the aspiration of some amount of blood along with the fat.

Disrespecting this limit may lead to serious consequences. It is, therefore, more advisable to repeat the procedure some other time than exceed this limit. Anesthesia will depend on the areas treated, and it may be local, epidural or general.

The hospital stay will depend on all these factors.


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