Hands – Hands Rejuvenation

The aging process determines signs in the whole body. However,  these signs become more noticeable on exposed areas such as the face and hands. Surgery for facial rejuvenation is a procedure already established that brings the refreshing face of the so desired youthfulness. The aging of the hands, even without the proper solution, denounces what the face-lifting was trying to hide. The major features of this process are the spotted skin and the musclular, fatty and skin atrophy, creating deep grooves between the bones of the hands, exposing bulging veins and wrinkles. Today there is a hope. Medical Studies showing the benefits of fat grafting are increasingly present in the literature. In addition to restoring lost volume in the region, fat tissue has special cells, immature, that assist in tissue regeneration. Stem cells are the future and are present in the fatty tissue. The fat graft on the dorsum of the hands, aided or not by a superficial chemical peel is now the best treatment for rejuvenating them. The result is almost immediate. It is a procedure that can be performed in a hospital environment, without the need to spend the night in. The anesthesia used is typically an association of regional anesthesia and sedation.


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