Face – Face Lift

The aging process begins at birth. It is natural and part of life. The aging signs on the face result from the loss of elasticity of the skin and internal structures as well as from atrophy of bones, fat and muscles. Sun exposure and smoking aggravate the aging process. This surgery (neck and face lifting) repositions the skin and muscular structures of the face and neck, bringing back volume to this area, recreating signs and contours that represent the young face.

The fall of the midface, increasing the length of the lower eyelid, pockets of skin in the lateral regions of the mandible, accentuation of the nose-lips fold, fall of the corner of the mouth and tail of the eyebrow, loss of definition of the mandibular contour and angle of the neck are unequivocal signs of the aging process. Through an individually planned study, a correct positioning of the scars and a well preformed post-operative care, we can achieve the expected results of a natural looking younger face, without the stigma of a excessively-pulled back face.

Ancillary procedures such as peelings, when indicated, further enhance the results.

General anesthesia is preferred and the patient will be hospitalized for 24 or 48 hours.




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