Eyelids – Blepharoplasty

Eyelid surgery gives a rejuvenated appearance to the eyes, diminishing the signs of aging in this region. This surgery also includes several other repairing procedures, including: ptosis, entropion and ectropion treatments and inherent genetic conditions such as grooves in the eastern eyelids.

We can remove skin and fat (bags)excess, tense flaccid eyes with fallen corners, raising them. The scars are positioned so as not to be noticed and, in general, are of very good quality. When surgery only intends to remove fat pockets with no need of skin removal, the incision can be made through the ocular conjunctiva with no external scar.

These procedures are usually performed under local anesthesia with sedation, and do not require an overnight stay at the clinic. The stitches are removed early (after 2 to 4 days) so as not to leave marks. The results are very good, although limited to the region around the eyes.

Patients with aging signs across the face and neck (indications for a face lift) should be aware that the treatment of the whole face would bring better benefits.




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