Abdomen – Abdominoplasty

This surgery consists of the removal of a variable amount of skin and fat from the abdomen, associated with the rapprochement of the muscles in the body midline (muscular cincture). It is prescribed for those patients with abdominal flaccid skin, associated or not with fat accumulation and/or flaccid muscle, often due to one or more previous pregnancies or significant weight loss. This procedure restores an appropriate body shape, resulting in a more straight abdomen in profile, with a more defined waistline and a more stretched skin.

The extent of skin removal and thus, the size and shape of the scar will depend on each individual case. The resulting scar is usually of good aesthetic quality, however long, placed horizontally within the area covered by swimwear. In special cases, such as after intense weight loss, there may also be a vertical scar.

The scars present individual aspects, but all efforts are made to make them the least noticeable as possible. Abdomen liposuction, when prescribed, can be done together with this surgery with excellent results.

There may be necessary the use of drains to shorten the swelling period and avoid complications such as fluid accumulation under the skin. The use of strapping/modeling for 30 days, and lymphatic drainage are required.

Anesthesia can be general, epidural or spinal. The length of hospital stay is usually 24 hours.



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